Week 20 Inspiration / New York Edition, Part 1

I skipped last week’s Weekly Inspiration post because I was too busy getting ready for a trip to New York! John and I headed to the Big Apple to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. He surprised me with plane tickets at Christmas, so we had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while. I’m so excited to share some photos of this awesome vacation. Hope you don’t get too sick of New York photos – I’m planning to share lots more later this week!

wk 20 insp 01
First up, Grand Central Terminal. We were lucky to be staying just a couple blocks from here, so getting around on the subway was really convenient.

wk 20 insp 02
The first night, we walked over to Times Square for an obligatory visit. It was a pretty foggy/overcast night. It was neat to see this famous spot for a moment, but then we were ready to move on away from the big crowds.

wk 20 insp 03
I did really like the NYPD stand, though!

wk 20 insp 04
More walking around. I love this blurry accident.

wk 20 insp 05
And this view looking up.

wk 20 insp 06
Stopped and took a break in front of the Radio City Music Hall.

wk 20 insp 07
Then we made our way to Rockefeller Center, and headed back to the hotel for some rest.

wk 20 insp 08
First morning in NYC! We grabbed some breakfast treats from Cafe Zaiya and took them over to Bryant Park to eat.

wk 20 insp 09

wk 20 insp 10
The people and puppy watching was good, too.

wk 20 insp 11
Some views of the front of the New York Public Library.

wk 20 insp 12
And the beautiful interior.

wk 20 insp 13
Next we hit the Natural History Museum. The Hall of Minerals was my favorite. Such beautiful colors!

wk 20 insp 14
I met a big dinosaur.

wk 20 insp 15
And then on to the MoMA. Hello, Warhol.

wk 20 insp 16
Textile inspiration.

wk 20 insp 17
After the museums we checked out the amazing Lego store near Rockefeller. I’ll leave you with this parting shot of John and a giant lego dude.

I have lots more photos to share, look for more later this week!