On April

Hey there! Just popping in to give my monthly update…I’m a bad blogger lately. Hoping to carve out time for more crafty projects real soon. For now, I’d love to share the state of all my current quilty projects around here. If you want more info about a previous stage of a project, check out the posts on March, February, and January.

On paper:

No new quilty designs on paper this month. Instead, I’m letting the fabric do all the talking. Here are a few of my recent purchases!

Maker-Make Drafts Raw, by  Art Gallery Fabrics

Maker-Make Drafts Raw, by Art Gallery Fabrics

Zaza Zoo Blue, by Andover Fabrics

Zaza Zoo Blue, by Andover Fabrics

Etno-Cubist Perception, by Art Gallery Fabrics (this is a knit)

Etno-Cubist Perception, by Art Gallery Fabrics (this is a knit)

Each of these fabrics was purchased at one of my favorite local shops, The Cloth Pocket. Check them out if you are in Austin…if not, check out their online shop!

Book Inspiration
I’m also finding a lot of inspiration from my two new books: Savor Each Stitch, by Carolyn Friedlander, and Happy Handmade Home, by the gals at A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. The project tutorials in both these books are really inspiring, I’m hoping to make something from each of them very soon!

On the design wall:

Emerald Tile on the Design Wall
I love how these quilt blocks are coming together.

Folklorico Casa Azul Fabric
And here’s the fabric I’ve picked out for the back.

The top is coming together quickly, it will be ready to quilt soon!

On the machine:

Washi Tape Sewing Guide
Lately just using my machine to piece the quilt shown above. In the process of piecing this one, I discovered my standard sewing machine foot isn’t a good gauge of a quarter inch seam. I had to place some washi tape on my machine so that I am able to be more accurate with my quarter inch measurement! My normal sewing machine foot is slightly larger than a quarter inch, so I ran into some problems…this is working nicely though!

Washi Tablet for Fabric Design
Speaking of machines….can I tell you about a fun new techy thing I got for my birthday? (Thank you, honey!) It’s a Wacom Intuos Pen and Tablet, and I plan on using it to draw some fun pattern designs. I’m a big fan of Spoonflower, and would love to come up with my own hand-drawn fabric design, print it, and sew it up into something pretty. Have you ever created a digital fabric design? I have a lot to learn, but I think it will be pretty fun. Can’t wait to share the results with you when I figure it all out.

On the hoop:

Hamilton on John's Quilt
Probably only worked on hand-quilting John’s quilt a total of 3 times this month. I’ll admit I’m super slow to finish this one…but the cat seems to approve at least!

All finished:

Spring&Bird Challenge pinned
My Spring Challenge quilt is done! I loved trying this Yoshiko Jinzenji technique of layering lamé, fabric cutouts, and organza. I used a glue stick to arrange the cutouts on the lamé, topped it with the organza, then pinned all the layers together on top of batting. I then did some simple straight-line quilting with silver thread.

Spring&Bird Challenge Front
I think the simplicity of the quilting really lets the shapes shine. Literally!

Spring&Bird Challenge Back
The back is a piece of fabric I picked up years ago and couldn’t bear to cut up. She was the perfect bright and floral fit for the back of this mini quilt.

What sewing or crafty projects did you finish in April? What are you currently working on? I’d love to hear! And as always, cheers to a sewing-filled May!


On March

March was a blur. I’ve got lots going on at my day job recently, so I haven’t really been concentrating on my sewing (or blogging!) this month. I did get a few things done though. I’d love to share with you!

On paper:

Southwestern Quilt Sketch
I’m excited about this southwestern inspired quilt design. I’m picturing this pieced with lots of low volume white and cream scraps, combined with a mix of black scraps. I think it will be a good lesson in contrast, AND hopefully be a good way to use some of the random fabric I’ve got in my stash.

On the design wall:

Spring Art Quilt Design Wall
My art quilt bee is doing a Spring/bird themed challenge that I’m working on. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pieces that I’ve cut out so far. Lots of bright solid silhouettes that are all going to come together (hopefully!) into a fun Spring scene.

Lame and Organza Fabric
For this project I’m going to try out a technique that Yoshiko Jinzenji taught at QuiltCon this year. It involves silver lamé layered with a shimmery sheer organza. I can’t wait to share this process with you. More photos soon!

Shot Cotton Quilt Blocks
My shot cotton quilt blocks came down off the design wall. Instead of a quilt, they might be turning into some placemats or something completely different. We’ll see – I’m not calling them a failure, yet. I still love the fabrics, but these blocks don’t go well as a complete quilt, so it’s time to take them in a different direction.

On the machine:

Nothing, yet!

On the hoop:

Hand quilting progress
I’m ashamed to say I only worked on John’s quilt once this month! I need to set a goal and concentrate on finishing the quilting for this one. I’m probably 25% done. At this rate, my poor husband isn’t going to have a finished quilt until next year, so I better get to work.

All finished:

LW hexagon overall
I finished my stretched hexagon quilt! It’s called Stretched Hex Number 4. The Carolyn Friedlander Doe prints go so well together, I just love them.

Stretched Hex Number 4 Quilt Back
The backed is pieced with a row of leftover blue fabrics from the front, combined with a super bright orange fabric from the same line. The contrast adds a fun surprise, I think.

Stretched Hex Number 4 Quilt Binding
The binding is more of the orange, with a few tiny bits of blue mixed in.

LW hexagon close up
I quilted this one on my domestic machine with lines that echoed the hexagon shapes, and I think it gives it great dimension. So happy with how it turned out!

Follie green bundle
I love this quilt so much, I want to make another one like it with another bundle – right now I’m loving Follie by Lotta Jansdotter.

So far I’ve really enjoyed sharing my recent projects, I think it’s helping push me to keep going and complete what I’ve started. Thanks for tuning in, I hope you are enjoying the process, too.

Here’s to a sewing-filled April!