Broken Dishes Quilt: Update on Hand Quilting

Well, I started this quilt almost a year ago. I put things on hold for a while, because planning a wedding is time consuming! Lately though, I’ve gotten back in the groove and am nearly finished hand quilting this thing.

hand quilting front
I decided to hand quilt instead of machine quilt it, because I wanted to learn how. Basically I just read a lot of tutorials (and watched YouTube videos!) to teach myself the process.

My simple supplies. Thimble, thread, needles, and scissors.

My simple supplies. Thimble, thread, needles, and scissors.

The only thing holding me back is TIME. It takes me nearly an hour just to do the area in my 12″ quilting hoop. I’m trying to work on it every day to get it done. This American Life podcasts are keeping me company while I sew. It’s pretty relaxing.

hand quilting back

I love the way the back looks.

Despite how long it is taking, I am really love how it’s turned out so far. Once I finish quilting the whole thing, I’ll just need to put the binding on, and then it will finally be done!

Soon I’ll be able to do a post on binding, and show you the finished product. This quilt is my baby.