Week 13 Inspiration / Kentucky edition

I’m back from my trip to Kentucky! Visiting my sister and her family was great. Here are some of the fun photos from our time there. I’d love to go back in the summertime, I hear it’s even more beautiful then.

having fun outside
It was so fun spending time with my nephew Reid. He is such a cutie!

Big Four Bridge
We visited the Big Four Bridge that stretches across the Ohio River to Indiana.

Walking across the Big Four Bridge
We didn’t make it all the way across, got tooooo cold.

Louisville Skyline
Downtown Louisville as seen from the bridge.

Reading Star Wars books
Audra and Reid reading his favorite Star Wars book….adorable.

There are crazy cats at her house, too.

the most awesome flea market in the world
Drove by “The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World” but didn’t stop in to verify if this was true. Next time!

Kentucky Quilt Trail
I noticed some buildings with large quilt blocks on the sides. Did a little research and found that they are part of the Kentucky Quilt Trail. Thought that was so neat!

Glendale quilt shop
In Glendale, we stopped in the shop shown above with the quilt block. Everything they sold was made in Kentucky (I picked up some bourbon-flavored coffee!) And there’s a little quilt shop upstairs.

Reid and Aunt Laura
Love this little boy.

I had a really great time in Rineyville. Happy birthday, sis! I can’t wait until the next visit!