A peek inside Austin Antique Mall

I love looking through old stuff – garage sales, thrift stores, antique malls, you name it.  If I could go snoop around your grandma’s house, I would. I think it’s the idea of finding a treasure, something no one else has, that makes it worth the time and effort! I recently got a recommendation for an antique store here in Austin, and I couldn’t resist checking it out.  Here’s some of the neat stuff I found hiding out in there.

Antique scoreboard

Found the stash of old quilts

Awesome poster. Anatomy of a snail – in French!

This sofa. The golden bottom! The oh-so-comfy cushions! The ridiculous price tag! Wishlisted for life.

Cool graphic dinner plates

I came home with this wooden tray. Coffee nook anyone?

If you get a chance to visit Austin Antique Mall, jump on it.  You could spend half a day in there and still not see everything. Note – the website does not do this place justice. Just take my word on it, it’s awesome.

What is your greatest thrift store find?  And does anyone have any other Austin antique store recommendations? I need more!