Week 13 Inspiration / Kentucky edition

I’m back from my trip to Kentucky! Visiting my sister and her family was great. Here are some of the fun photos from our time there. I’d love to go back in the summertime, I hear it’s even more beautiful then.

having fun outside
It was so fun spending time with my nephew Reid. He is such a cutie!

Big Four Bridge
We visited the Big Four Bridge that stretches across the Ohio River to Indiana.

Walking across the Big Four Bridge
We didn’t make it all the way across, got tooooo cold.

Louisville Skyline
Downtown Louisville as seen from the bridge.

Reading Star Wars books
Audra and Reid reading his favorite Star Wars book….adorable.

There are crazy cats at her house, too.

the most awesome flea market in the world
Drove by “The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World” but didn’t stop in to verify if this was true. Next time!

Kentucky Quilt Trail
I noticed some buildings with large quilt blocks on the sides. Did a little research and found that they are part of the Kentucky Quilt Trail. Thought that was so neat!

Glendale quilt shop
In Glendale, we stopped in the shop shown above with the quilt block. Everything they sold was made in Kentucky (I picked up some bourbon-flavored coffee!) And there’s a little quilt shop upstairs.

Reid and Aunt Laura
Love this little boy.

I had a really great time in Rineyville. Happy birthday, sis! I can’t wait until the next visit!

Week 12 Inspiration

Tomorrow I’m headed to Rineyville, Kentucky! I’m off to visit my big sis for her birthday and see her adorable family. I am so, so excited to see my sweet nephew and get to spend time with them.

I’ve got an early flight to catch in the morning, so let’s get straight to it. Here’s my week in photos, starting with a picture of my Mushroom cat.

Sweet little Mushroom
Those little paws!

Gray day Austin skyline
Austin skyline on a gray day.

Ham the cat
Another cat picture, why not? It’s rare that this cat sits in my lap…it had to be documented.

broken dishes quilt
Relaxing for a minute. Sorry I put my shoes on you, quilt!

AeroPress coffee maker
Weekend coffee-making is serious business.

Using the AeroPress
Using the AeroPress. I still haven’t tried the inverted method.

week 12

I’m skipping this weekend’s crafty post since I’ll be out of town, but I’ll be back next Wednesday with a Kentucky edition of my weekly photos!

Week 11 Inspiration

This week in Austin, SXSW is in full-swing! I probably won’t make it for most of the festivities, but there are always a few that sound too good to pass up. Last weekend, for example, John and I made our way to the Gaming Expo at the Palmer Events Center. Check out photos from that day and lots more of my weekly inspirations below!

kami game design
I liked the design this game had at their booth. It’s a puzzle app that actually seems kinda neat.

giant settler's of catan board
I got really nerdy and excited when I saw people playing on this Giant Settler’s of Catan board. Remember the photo I shared of my friends and I playing last week? Apparently a fan of the game made it, and let the makers use it for the Expo. Now THAT is some dedication to Catan.

John Oculus Rift
Here’s John trying out the Oculus Rift. (It’s a virtual reality headset for gaming)

3D Printer
A 3-D printer making something cool!

This weekend, the Renegade Craft Fair will be taking over the Palmer Events Center. If you are in Austin and you love crafts as much as I do, you have to check it out! I can’t wait to see what kind of creative and beautiful stuff will be there.

rusty shed pattern
Rusty shed patterns.

elm creek quilt series
Guys, did you know there is a whole series of novels about quilts? I saw this at the bookstore and the cover caught my eye. Seems kinda cheesy, no? But I love quilts and I love books, so maybe I’ll have to give it a chance.

Gravity's Rainbow
Speaking of books – this month my book club is reading Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. Not gonna lie, it’s been tough. I’m struggling to keep up with what’s going on, so I’m anxious to talk to my book club ladies about this one.

Celebratory margarita….I saved the exciting news for last. Today we closed on a HOUSE! I’m hoping to have some photos of our new place and share more about our home buying process very soon.


Week 10 Inspiration

Week 10 went by in a flash. Here are some photos from the past few days. It’s been such a good week!

hamilton on the flying geese quilt
Hamilton has decided to make my new flying geese quilt project his nap-zone.

Playing Settlers of Catan. That hand is reaching for my precious clay cards. Any other fellow Catan-lovers out there?

rainy day with petals on the concrete
Rainy concrete, decorated with lots of little petals.

porch chairs on a nice day
That rainy day was followed by a lovely sunny one.

little czech bakery bag
Making a pit stop at the Czech Stop in West, Texas is suggested when you’re on your way between Austin and DFW on I35 Highway. I just had to grab some kolaches at the Little Czech Bakery. I like the cute little guy on the bag.

pepperoni kolache from the czech stop
Pepperoni! According to their website, they’ll ship pastries right to your door.

On Sunday I’m excited to be sharing a tutorial on the easy way to make flying geese quilt blocks, so stay tuned!

Week 9 Inspiration

My latest project is coming right along! I’m super excited to share progress photos.

flying geese laura ward
I’m making my first flying geese quilt and using up some of my fabric stash, including a little bit of vintage fabric I got from my granny. I love it so far! It’s going to match my modern heart pillow perfectly.

cat on top of quilt pieces
There is always a cat laying on top of what I need to be working on.

girl scout cookies
Sewing breaks to eat cookies. Remember being our Girl Scout troop leader, mom?

Saw this little petal on the porch, then looked up and saw the tree was blooming!

blooms in february
So pretty.

misheard chingy lyrics
Our friend Aaron made this for John. It’s a ridiculous misheard song lyric they’ve joked about for years. I love it.

tree in art notebooks
The two cutest notebooks there ever were. Got them from this awesome shop called Take Heart over the weekend.

tree in art inside of notebook
The notebook pages are dotted, and they’re perfect for drawing patterns!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s photo post. See the rest of this year’s weekly inspiration right here.

Week 8 Inspiration

I’m feeling happy and full of ideas this week. I started a new quilt project, and I love how excited I feel about it. I wish I had more time in the day to sew and work on it! I am trying to get in about an hour or so a day when I get home from work.

Here are my photos for this week, it’s been a lovely one!

zilker park in february
Beautiful Sunday afternoon spent at Zilker Park. Kites were flying and dogs were everywhere. We had a picnic with pizza and cupcakes for my friend Aaron’s birthday.

Valentine's Day orchid
Valentine’s Day orchids from John. I’m going to try my best to keep it alive!

cleaning jewelry
Tried this jewelry cleaning method with much success! Some of my rings were due for a good cleaning.

flying geese quilt blocks
Making my first flying geese blocks for the project I mentioned above. Can’t wait to sew these babies together.

flourless chocolate cake batter
Pretty cake batter swirls.

flourless chocolate cake
The yummy result. I tried Bleubird’s Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe and it is AMAZING. Highly recommended.

nail color change
I showed you my gold glitter nails last week. The color really does change! It’s a nice subtle red tone when your nails are outside in the sun. Fancy.

Have a great week, and I’ll be back on Sunday with a fun and easy craft project to share with you!

Week 7 Inspiration

Confession:  I didn’t do a very good job at taking photos this week.

I do still have a few pictures to share though. And they come with a promise that next week will be better!

hotel st cecilia
Walked by this hotel and thought their neon sign was fantastic. Looks like a such lovely place to stay!

pillow piping
Pillow piping up close and personal. This was my first time to put piping on something and I love how it turned out! Find the instructions for my modern heart pillow here.

blue and orange barriers
I like you, stripey barriers.

new nail polish
New nail polish. The bottle claims it turns red in the sunlight? So far, my fingers haven’t seen much sunlight this week, so I can’t say if it works or not yet!

wedding paper ball chains
Decorations from our wedding last May. They hang above our bed. I still love the colors so much.

le chateau des soupirs
Seeing if I can remember any French with one of my favorite used bookstore finds.

My goal for the rest of the week/weekend is to get out of the house with the camera. You and me both are going to get bored to death of this series if all the photos are just things in my home! Wish me luck…

Week 6 Inspiration

Whew. I’ve been pretty busy at work lately, so I’m glad to finally be sitting down now and going through my pictures from the week. It’s a good way to relax and look back at the little moments around the house and from the weekend. Makes me happy.

quiet moment
Quiet house in the morning.

winter pale ale
John’s home brew is ready. The Winter IPA is a success!

sleepy ham
Sleepy Ham on his favorite yellow chair. I’m torn on these chairs – see those cracks in the vinyl? Wonder how much $ it would cost to reupholster them. hmm…

Lake House - Lake Travis
I spent Friday and Saturday at Lake Travis for my friend Shannon’s bachelorette party. Isn’t this house awesome? It was so nice and relaxing. And we enjoyed lots of wine. Doubly relaxing.

mystery tree thing
What is this thing? There were tons of them in a tree and they confused me with their weirdness.

boat dock at lake travis
Water in Lake Travis is LOW. This dock made me sad.

haywood car ride
Haywood loves going for car rides. We were on our way to see his best friends.

beagle beagle beagle
Beagle best buds! Non-stop tail-wagging from these three.

scott's bbq brisket
The Super Bowl was boring. This brisket was not. Big thanks to our friend Scott for being the BBQ brisket master.

frugal feb meal planning
Getting my grocery list ready and preparing for my first full week of Frugal February. Every year John and I forgo all dining out (unless it’s for a friend’s birthday or something like that) for the entire month of February to try and save money. It’s always challenging, but I get to try out a lot of new recipes!

Wish us luck with the rest of Frugal February this week, and stay tuned – I’ll be back on Sunday with a fun Valentine’s Day sewing project!

Week 5 Inspiration

Happy Wednesday! It’s week 5 of 2014. Can you believe how fast January flew by?

Here are my photos from this week, it’s been a hectic one.

New project fabric
New fabric for a project I’m excited to share with you soon!

baked mini churros
Baked mini churros for breakfast. Delicious recipe from here.

melting ice
The last melting evidence of Austin’s “Snowpocolypse”. Some wintry mix, some icy roads, and the whole city pretty much shut down last Friday. Then the same thing happened yesterday. We don’t handle winter weather so well here. I liked these 8 Horrifying Photos of Austin’s Snow Day.

stacked books
Had to make some room on the bookshelf for our finished legos from last week… I should probably donate some of these – hope the next owners don’t mind books with the cover torn off. The one one the top of the stack also got chewed up by my college roommate’s rabbit. Oops.

peeling chickpeas
Did you know that peeling the skin off chickpeas will make your hummus reallllly smooth? Did you know that peeling the skin off chickpeas will make you feel like a crazy person for spending so much time doing something like that just to make hummus? I first learned about this from Deb of Smitten Kitchen. Recently, Joy the Baker reminded me. I peeled half the chickpeas and then called it a day. It was mostly really smooth, mostly really good homemade hummus.

hummus ingredients
Go here for the recipe. (This is one of my favorite food blogs!)

coffee fabric
This coffee bean fabric came from my grandma’s house. I’ll have to ask her where it came from, and tell her it’s got a nice new home in my laundry room. Thanks, Granny!

And thanks to you for sticking around for my latest weekly photo post. Just click on the Weekly Photo tab at the top of the page to see Weeks 1 through 4. Have a good one!

Week 4 Inspiration

We’ve been busy this week! John’s birthday was on Sunday, so the weekend was full of all sorts of fun stuff. Most notably, on Saturday we went to Pinballz Arcade (this place is SO awesome and it’s BYOB on Friday and Saturday nights!), followed by a show at Cap City Comedy Club – we saw the hilarious Kyle Kinane. If you’re ever in Austin – Pinballz and Cap City is where it’s at.

Now! Here’s a bit of my week in photos.

hamilton blue eyes
Ham showing off his blue eyes.

butter and sugar for brownies
Butter and sugar were the start of something great.

changing leaves
Pretty leaves changing colors.

birthday legos
Birthday present Legos! We put together the entire thing in one sitting.

hobbit lego man
More lego-ing.

sweet mushroom
Sweet girl.

corned beef hash at Fado
Corned beef hash brunch at Fado Irish Pub. This was SO GOOD.

Irish breakfast at Fado
John’s Irish Breakfast. Also SO GOOD. Irish pub food is the best.

Here’s to another great week ahead of us! For more of my weekly photo series check out:

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