Hey there 2015!

Let’s take a look back at 2014, shall we?

2014 Leaves

At the beginning of 2014, I started a little weekly photo challenge for myself. I wanted to practice using my camera, and take lots of photos every week. I went strong for 22 weeks, then just…stopped. I got a little burned out, and needed a break from the camera. In 2015 I’m aiming to take lots of photos again, but not on such a strict schedule. Less stress, ya know?!

Probably the biggest moment of 2014 was buying a house in March! I hope to do an updated house tour soon, now that we are all settled in. All you’ve seen are the empty rooms! Seems crazy that we’ve already made it our own style and gotten so attached to our little house.

Our First Home

In March, I my first traveling of the year to Kentucky to see my sister and her family for her birthday.

having fun outside

I love this little boy so much.

Then in May we went to NYC! John and I spent our one year anniversary here, and we had the best time. I’d like to go back…tomorrow. Ok? Thanks!

wk 22 insp 02

Central Park amazingness

We also took a quick trip to Oklahoma to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. I tear up just thinking about how much love they have for each other and for their family. It was a super special evening celebrating these two. Aren’t they cute?

Granny and Grandpa 60 Years

Celebrating 60 Years

P.S. I can’t take credit for this amazing photo! Aunties, do you know who I can credit?

Halfway through 2014, I decided to enter a quilt in my very first quilt show! The Capital of Texas Quilt Fest. Seeing my quilt hanging up there with the rest of the amazing works of art was the best feeling. In 2015 I’m going to try and finish my latest quilt and enter it in another show. Details soon, I promise.

Liberty Geese Number 3, front

My first quilt show entry.

Oh and I joined a quilt bee! And I didn’t even tell you! How rude of me. I’m part of the “Sew Together” bee here in Austin, and we meet once a month to talk about art quilts and modern quilting. I’ve met some lovely ladies and am excited to learn and get inspiration from the group.

Not only did a join a quilt bee, but I also became a member of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. I joined in October, and am slowly getting to know everyone. I love being a part of this group of like-minded quilters! I get to geek out about sewing and quilting, and I’m excited to attend more meetings in 2015.

More quilty things: Halloween was awesome because I went to the International Quilt Fest in Houston. My brain melted.

Ruby Jubilee quilt display

The next night John and I got all dressed up and went to our friend’s awesome Halloween party. Bonus points if you know who/what cartoon we are from.

Finn and the Ice King

I also opened my Etsy shop in 2014! I have just a few things listed so far, and I have been aiming to get even more items up in the next month or so. I’m really enjoying working on my shop, and I’m learning a lot.

Hey, I'm for sale!

Hey, I’m for sale!

The holidays were nuts around here. It seems like the last few months flew by, and I don’t even have ANY pictures except this one of cranberries. We hosted my parents for Thanksgiving, and I did a really bad job at making turkey. But the sides were DANG GOOD!


We spent Christmas day in Austin, then traveled to Wichita Falls to spend time with John’s side of the family. Lots of fun and food and family time.

Christmas lights in typical Austin fashion.

Christmas lights in typical Austin fashion.


Finally, we toasted to 2015, and said goodbye to 2014. We hosted a New Year’s party at our house, and it was a lot of work, but it was even more fun. I made a glitter CHEERS sign and everything.

Cheers to 2015

Looking good, lady friends!


And that’s a wrap. If you made it to the end of this post, I owe you a cookie.

I liked you, 2014. I liked you a LOT. But I’m ready for more adventures and crafts and sewing and reading and writing and eating. I think 2015 will be just right.


Week 22 Inspiration / New York Edition, Part 3

Here are the final photos from our trip to New York! (Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them)

wk 22 insp 01
We spent nearly half a day just walking through Central Park. I never knew how huge it really was.

wk 22 insp 02
Can you spot the person perfecting their downward dog yoga pose?

wk 22 insp 03
Loved the peaceful Conservatory Water with all the sailboats.

wk 22 insp 04
Giant bubbles!

wk 22 insp 05
After all that walking, we treated ourselves to some delicious ramen at Ippudo NY.

wk 22 insp 06
Stopped inside the Chrysler Building and spotted these Amazing Art Deco doors.

wk 22 insp 07
That evening we headed to Brooklyn.

wk 22 insp 08
We spent the rest of the afternoon sampling some beers at Brooklyn Brewery.

wk 22 insp 09

wk 22 insp 10
Pretty vintage beer bottles.

wk 22 insp 11
We followed the brewery with a “Good Morning” hotdog at nearby Crif Dogs. Can’t beat a bacon-wrapped hotdog topped with a fried egg.

wk 22 insp 12
The next morning, we took a quick walk to get a glimpse of the United Nations headquarters.

wk 22 insp 13
The last bit of time before we had to head back to Austin was spent kicking up our feet, and relaxing one last time in Bryant Park during the beautiful weather.

wk 22 insp 14
It was the perfect ending to our wonderful trip.

Hope you enjoyed all the New York photos. John and I are so glad we got the chance to spend our 1st anniversary there! Can’t wait to go back again.


Week 21 Inspiration / New York Edition, Part 2

Last week, I shared some photos from our trip to New York City. Now it’s time to dive into part two!

wk 21 insp 01
We started the day at Delectica for an awesome breakfast – an omelette sandwich with avocado, tomato, and chipotle mayo. They also had great coffee and fresh-squeezed OJ that made me VERY happy. We ate there 2 days in a row.

wk 21 insp 02
Then we headed to Grand Central, where I proceeded to awkwardly initiate a one-woman flash mob, inspired by this video from back in the day. No one cared.

wk 21 insp 03
We made our way downtown and hopped on a free ferry to Staten Island in order to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. You have to check out the ferry’s website – the “ferry facts” were NOT comforting!

wk 21 insp 04
Blurry iphone photo! Enjoy.

wk 21 insp 05
New York skyline as seen from the ferry.

wk 21 insp 06
The 9/11 Memorial is a short walk from the ferry. It was a very, very moving experience to be there. We didn’t go inside the museum, as it was not open until the following week.

wk 21 insp 07
America’s tallest building – One World Trade Center.

wk 21 insp 08
Lunchtime meant a visit to the one and only Katz’s Deli for the corned beef sandwich of my dreams.

wk 21 insp 09
Luckily, we missed the sinkhole that occurred right in front of the restaurant just a few days later.

wk 21 insp 10
And while we’re on the topic of good food – here’s the amazing spread from Sushi Yasuda for our anniversary dinner.

wk 21 insp 11Sushi was followed by a dessert of Cereal Milk Ice Cream (with Corn Flake crunch) from Momofuku Milk Bar.

wk 21 insp 12Several cookies were taken back home and eaten for breakfast, because vacation means cookies in bed. After the trip there, I think I may have to buy Christina Tosi’s amazing cookbook!

wk 22 insp 13Evening walk with pretty colors.

I have a few final New York photos to share next week, and that will wrap up the New York edition of my weekly photos.

Oh yeah, and I have a fun gardening project I can’t wait to share with you this weekend!

Week 20 Inspiration / New York Edition, Part 1

I skipped last week’s Weekly Inspiration post because I was too busy getting ready for a trip to New York! John and I headed to the Big Apple to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. He surprised me with plane tickets at Christmas, so we had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while. I’m so excited to share some photos of this awesome vacation. Hope you don’t get too sick of New York photos – I’m planning to share lots more later this week!

wk 20 insp 01
First up, Grand Central Terminal. We were lucky to be staying just a couple blocks from here, so getting around on the subway was really convenient.

wk 20 insp 02
The first night, we walked over to Times Square for an obligatory visit. It was a pretty foggy/overcast night. It was neat to see this famous spot for a moment, but then we were ready to move on away from the big crowds.

wk 20 insp 03
I did really like the NYPD stand, though!

wk 20 insp 04
More walking around. I love this blurry accident.

wk 20 insp 05
And this view looking up.

wk 20 insp 06
Stopped and took a break in front of the Radio City Music Hall.

wk 20 insp 07
Then we made our way to Rockefeller Center, and headed back to the hotel for some rest.

wk 20 insp 08
First morning in NYC! We grabbed some breakfast treats from Cafe Zaiya and took them over to Bryant Park to eat.

wk 20 insp 09

wk 20 insp 10
The people and puppy watching was good, too.

wk 20 insp 11
Some views of the front of the New York Public Library.

wk 20 insp 12
And the beautiful interior.

wk 20 insp 13
Next we hit the Natural History Museum. The Hall of Minerals was my favorite. Such beautiful colors!

wk 20 insp 14
I met a big dinosaur.

wk 20 insp 15
And then on to the MoMA. Hello, Warhol.

wk 20 insp 16
Textile inspiration.

wk 20 insp 17
After the museums we checked out the amazing Lego store near Rockefeller. I’ll leave you with this parting shot of John and a giant lego dude.

I have lots more photos to share, look for more later this week!



Week 19 Inspiration

This week has been PRODUCTIVE. We’ve been crazy busy at my office over the last month, so you’d think I’d want to come home and just veg out. Not gonna lie, sometimes that’s exactly what happens. This week, however, my after-work activities haven’t let up. I’ve been busy with sand volleyball, working on 3 sewing projects at once, on top of speed reading for my book club, and doing a ton of stuff (like unpacking boxes) at our house. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but it feels kinda great to get so much done.

Without further ado, this week’s inspiring photos:

wk 19 insp 01
Met some friends for drinks at The Silo on 7th. We sat at the only picnic table under the old silo and it was awesome.

wk 19 insp 02
Speaking of drinks – I fell for the gimmicky Game of Thrones beer when I was wandering around the grocery store. No regrets though. Good job Ommegang Brewery!

wk 19 insp 03
The fireflies have been insane lately. I attempted to photograph them in the backyard, and this was the only sorta cool one.

wk 19 insp 04
Testing out different ways to make more quilted coasters.

wk 19 insp 05
They’re definitely works in progress.

wk 19 insp 06
Some quilting inspiration brought to you by my office elevator construction work.

wk 19 insp 07
Ham says hello from his between-the-shower-curtains hiding spot.

Thanks for tuning in this week!

Week 18 Inspiration

This week we are saying the official farewell to our old house! It was the first house John and I ever lived together, where we got engaged, and where we had lots of fun memories. I’m a little sad, but also very excited to make new fun memories. Here’s to new adventures in our new home!

And now for the 18th edition of my weekly photo inspiration:

wk 18 insp 01
When I unpacked some kitchen stuff, I decided to put my spices in the drawer next to the stove and it is LIFE CHANGING. I can see all of them! At once!

wk 18 insp 02
I can’t wait to get all these books neatly arranged and organized.

wk 18 insp 03
New ironing board and cover! I’ve been using one of those table top ironing boards and it wasn’t cutting it. Hopefully after I get my sewing workspace all set up I’ll share a picture of everything. It’s coming along!

wk 18 insp 04
The flying geese quilt is getting hand quilted. I’m going to record how many hours it takes me to finish this one.

wk 18 insp 05
Bluebird blog
recently introduced me to Kaufmann Mercantile and I signed up for their newsletter (p.s. they automatically e-mail you a $7 credit toward your next order) They have some really amazing goods and I had to order this Cinnamon Cider Syrup. I can’t wait to make pancakes and top them with this goodness!

wk 18 insp 06
Also purchased this awesome Caran D’Ache pen. I’ve mentioned before here how obsessed with note and list-making I am. All I can say is this pen is badass. It writes so well and I love it.

wk 18 insp 07
And I’m OUT.

Have a great week!

Week 17 Inspiration

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about moving…but have I mentioned that moving is the worst? All my sewing and kitchen stuff has been packed up and moved to the new house. I’m going a little crazy this week!

wk 17 insp 01
To cope with the stress, this is how we’ve been relaxing. Enjoying the spring weather on the porch – beer in hand.

wk 17 insp 02
Also coping with stress by eating adorable petit fours.

wk 17 insp 03
Little fluffy paw.

wk 17 insp 04
Bella is one of the therapy dogs that’s sometimes at my office. She’s now on the cover of this Nulo dog food can! What a celebrity. (Bonus – cute cowboy boots!)

wk 17 insp 05
Speaking of my office…I took a different set of stairs out of the building than usual, and found myself in this long weird hallway that used to be part of the parking garage. I just want to decorate those plain white walls.

wk 17 insp 06
One fine example of a decorated wall: a bar downtown had this amazing wallpaper. Don’t judge the bathroom photo quality.

Have a great week, guys!

Week 16 Inspiration

This week we are smack in the middle of moving. Having various stuff piled everywhere in both houses stresses me out a little. But once we are all done it will be worth it.

green counter stools
These stools have been on my wishlist for a long time, and I’m so glad we got them in this cheery green color.

old book box
Old book box. One of my relatives wrote the Boris Borborygmus book. The sad guy on the cover (and the book itself) is strange, and I dig it.

church cookbook collection
Cookbooks before they go in their box. I’ve got a collection going of church and family cookbooks. Some of the recipes in here are magical, and some seem a little crazy. I love it.

haywood and the broken dishes quilt
The pup had me nervous this week. He had some blood tests come back with elevated liver enzymes. After a month of pills, nothing had changed in the levels, so we took him in for an ultrasound. Glad to report that everything is looking alright, and the vet didn’t find any major issues, just some slight inflammation. He should be ok. Whew!

circo hermanos vazquez
This crazy circus tent caught my eye.

Sam and Maisy guitars
Sam and Maisy are guitar heros! I loved hanging out with our friends Aaron and Jessica and their cute kiddos recently.

fuzzy green fruit
These fuzzy green fruits on my tree are making me happy.

This weekend I’m looking forward to working on my latest quilt, and sharing a teeny tiny quilting project with you! Look for it on Sunday.



Week 15 Inspiration

Week 15 has been fantastic. I got to spend time with friends this weekend, and Monday was my birthday! That night John and I went to grab dinner at Contigo, and while we were there a crazy thunderstorm hit. The wind was blowing like crazy and it was pouring rain…but it was secretly kind of fun to be under the patio at that moment.

Here are some of the more lovely moments from my week. And as always, you can see past Weekly Inspiration posts here.

key lime whoopie pies
I made these key lime whoopie pies this weekend for a get together. They were a HIT.

playing settlers of catan
A few of the people of said get together.

settlers of catan pieces
I know it seems like we play a lot of Settlers of Catan. That’s because we do – NO SHAME!

Ice Cream Machine Legos
John and I continued our new birthday tradition (posted in Week 4) of Lego-building. Building Legos just never gets old! I picked out this Ice Cream machine and the Cloud Cuckoo Palace from the Lego Movie sets.

colorful quiet moment
A colorful quiet moment.

vintage seed packets
I found these seed packets in the storage closet at the new house.

1988 seed packets
The seeds are from 1988, what the heck?! I think I might plant ’em.

babylock free-motion quilting foot
Today I was able to get the sewing machine foot I was needing for free-motion quilting. I had to go to 3 different stores, but I finally got it!

babylock feed dogs removed
I even figured out how to remove the feed dogs on my sewing machine, after a lot of confusion. Some machines allow you to simply lower the feeds dogs, but mine was a bit trickier.

free-motion quilting practice
Crappy practice “L.” It’s pretty bad…but I guess it could be worse?

Of course I’ll do some real practicing with more layers of fabric, and I can’t wait to share my free-motion progress here. Until then, hope you all have a lovely rest of your week!

Week 14 Inspiration

Heyyy April! I can’t help feeling extra excited about this week with the lovely weather we’ve been having in Austin. Also looking forward to fun plans this weekend. Here’s to Week 14 of 2014!

Aerial advertising
This type of advertising seems a little excessive, right?

jungle of a backyard
I’ll miss this jungle of a backyard when we move in a couple weeks.

Ham enjoying the backyard
Hamilton will miss the yard, too. He’s not allowed to venture outside at the new place until we get a proper fence put up.

watercolor pet art
The current art above my desk – quick watercolors I did of my sweet animals.

Austin bookclub
Some of my bookclub lady friends. In March, we tried reading Gravity’s Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon. We failed. On to the next (hopefully easier) book!

sad fiddle leaf fig
This is what I get for neglecting my fiddle leaf fig – it’s not doing well and I feel like a terrible plant parent. I’m going to try my best to bring it back from it’s current withered state!

Michi Ramen
Takeout from Michi Ramen. It’s the best, and this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Gene Stratton Porter & Elephant bookends
My little Gene Stratton-Porter book collection and the awesome gold elephant bookends made by our wonderful friends Aaron and Jessica.

Wish me luck this week as we start packing things to move! Currently, I’ve moved all of two chairs over to the new house. (And even that was a pain!) Hey, at least now we have somewhere to sit. I’m calling that progress.