A Little Recap.

I ditched this blog a few months ago after a whirlwind of events. The following photos cover the basics. In 13 pictures, here’s why I was MIA:

John proposed! We got engaged right there in that special spot on our porch. It was romantic and perfect and fun, and a complete surprise to me!

We love relaxing on the back porch, it was Thanksgiving Eve, and we were so happy!

Just relaxing on the back porch, then John totally surprised me by proposing. What?!

John picked it out himself. GOOD JOB!

He picked it out himself. GOOD JOB!

Wedding planning.  We wanted to keep costs down and keep things simple, so we buckled down and decided to get married 6 months after we got engaged. My parents helped a ton – they said OK to my crazy idea of having the wedding in their backyard.

Craftex, fake flower mania.

Craftex in Houston – more fake flowers here than I have EVER seen.

Preview of wedding decor - my car was packed full!

A little preview of wedding decorations – my car was packed full!

Getting everything wedding ready in my parent's backyard.

Getting everything wedding-ready in my parent’s backyard.

Bachelorette party. My exceptionally awesome lady friends know how to have a great time. We had a long and glorious day of wine touring in Fredericksburg, TX and playing Catch Phrase.

First things first, strawberry lemonade cupcakes

First things first, strawberry lemonade cupcakes

Thanks for the wonderful day, ladies!


Then finally the big day, the best day. May 18th, 2013.



It was perfect.

It was perfect.

Afterwards, we were so excited to go on our honeymoon.  We headed to The Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) and plopped ourselves on the beach.  We relaxed, and breathed a sigh of relief that we’re done planning a wedding.

We loved the view.

We loved the view.

pretty water

Is this before or after we got seasick? Who knows.

And now I’m back to the real world! There is finally time to share projects with you.  I hope to be done quilting this soon, and will be sharing some of the wedding crafts and details of all of these things! Yes…MORE wedding pictures coming soon, most definitely.

>> wedding photos are by Joel + Sam Photography <<