Adventures in Internetting

So I’ve been getting into making stuff. Like, REALLY into it. Which obviously meant I needed to take these craft obsessions and put them on the internet, for all the world to see.

It all started with this quilt I made for my big sister.

She’s pregnant!  And babies need quilts, or so I’m told. I’m sure EVERYONE I KNOW is tired of me talking about that damn quilt.

Next was the idea of throwing a baby shower for this pregnant sister of mine.

My thoughts went a little something like this. “Oh wow, look at all that cute baby shower stuff on the internet, I’ll just make it all myself and save a ton of money!”  Well I was wrong about the saving money part, but I really got into all that craftin’.

I plan to use this space to document my creative process.  This is the life and times of a true crafter.  Paper cuts, sewing machine jams, and confusedly clicking around in Photoshop….until you just have to suck it up and Google it.

It’s a craft takeover with glitter and spray paint. Welcome.