4 Hours, 352 Triangles

My fabric arrived!  Read here about my process of picking out and ordering fabric for my broken dishes quilt.

I’m really happy with how the fabrics look in person – sometimes it’s hard to tell on a computer screen how bright or vivid the colors will actually be.  Here’s the lot of them:

I could hardly wait to get started once I got these lovelies in the mail.  I want to make sure that the fabric won’t shrink or colors run after I’m done, so I pre-washed everything….in my bathtub!  It was kinda fun, smooshing everything around.  Cold water, a little laundry soap – first the light fabrics, then darks.

I threw everything in the dryer for about 10 minutes, and ironed.

Measure, cut, measure, cut…get the drift? Here’s my cutting process:

1.  Cut fabric into 7 inch squares, and cut in half diagonally – forming two right triangles.
2.  Then cut those triangles in half down the middle.
3.  Now you’ve got 4 right triangles. Geometry!
4.  Admire your triangles, and resist the urge to throw them in the air, 52-pickup style.

Then have a glass of wine, ’cause you deserve it, friend.  A post on piecing the triangles to come soon!

How to: Give your Table a Neon Makeover

I’ve had two plain jane brown wooden side tables for oh, about 15 years.  I went through an obsessive purple phase when growing up, so my mom helped me cover them in lilac-colored satin tablecloths.  Classy!  In my teenage years I decided that the lilac color obsession was weird, the tablecloths came off, and they’ve been naked ever since.  Thus, time for a modern makeover!

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New pattern + A visit to The Quilt Store

Now that I’ve got my quilt inspiration,  it’s pattern time!  I’ve decided my next quilt will be similar to the broken dishes quilt on The Purl Bee.  It’s a simple design, which should be relatively easy for a beginner like myself.  Triangles aren’t so scary, right?

broken dishes pattern
I drew out my pattern.

Now, time to think about fabric!  I headed to The Quilt Store here in Austin.  It’s tucked away in a little shopping center on Anderson Lane.

UPDATE: The Quilt Store has sadly closed up shop after 30 years in business.

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How To: Sew and Stuff a pillow

Have you been putting up with terrible, horrible, pillows?  Do you have issues with these pillows poking you in the face with their evil feathers right in the middle of your Breaking Bad marathon?   One day in a fit of rage, did you grab those pokey pillows, march yourself outside, and violently throw those pillows in the dumpster?

Well I did. And then we needed replacements.

I went and picked up some materials and got started making my own new, soft, non-pokey pillows.  Here’s how you can make your own.

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