On February

Whoa, February is already over? It flew by! Lots of things kept me busy this month. I got my wisdom teeth out, which was awful, but I’m so glad to be feeling back to my (almost) normal self. Next up was QuiltCon, which was fantastic. See my post from yesterday for a recap and lots of quilty photos. Finally, I planned a big event at work this week, and I’m happy to say it went off without a hitch. Plus, I mentioned before that it was Frugal February at our house. That meant no eating out (except for a couple of exceptions, like a celebratory burger after I could chew again) and lots of home-cooked meals.

Somewhere in there, I found some time to get a little bit of sewing done!

On paper:

February 2015 quilt design
Just one new quilt idea this month. Even though the shapes are simple, I think this could be really awesome with the right fabrics. I’m going to be on the lookout for something good.

Modern Tile Quilt Sketch
Also still working on finding fabrics for this one I shared in January.

I’m thinking of using American Made Brand solids – a cream and a rust color possibly? Or maybe emerald? Here are some combinations I’m thinking about.

American Made Brand color tests
What’s your vote?

On the design wall:

Colorful Shot Cottons on the Design Wall
Shot Cotton quilt block
My shot cotton baby quilt is still up on the design wall. I’m working on couple more blocks to finish the top, and I can’t decide if I still like this one. Don’t you hate when a project is in limbo?! I just need to keep playing with the layout, and I think it will get there.

On the machine:

Doe Stretched Hex Quilt Top
I finished my stretched hexagon quilt top! The Carolyn Friedlander bundle I bought is amazing. I love every single one of the fabrics that went into this one. Now I’m just working on the back, and I’ll start quilting it very soon.

On the hoop:

handquilting, back of John's quilt
Still handquilting John’s quilt. Here’s a peek at the back! It’s coming along slowly but surely. I just need to get to business and put in a few more hours of quilting this one each week.

All finished:

12 Inch Mini Heart Quilt
My 12 inch mini quilt! I had fun with this one, but I don’t think you’ll find me making one inch half square triangles again anytime soon. I love having these cheerful hearts on my wall.

Now… I better get to work on some of these projects. Have a great weekend!

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