Week 18 Inspiration

This week we are saying the official farewell to our old house! It was the first house John and I ever lived together, where we got engaged, and where we had lots of fun memories. I’m a little sad, but also very excited to make new fun memories. Here’s to new adventures in our new home!

And now for the 18th edition of my weekly photo inspiration:

wk 18 insp 01
When I unpacked some kitchen stuff, I decided to put my spices in the drawer next to the stove and it is LIFE CHANGING. I can see all of them! At once!

wk 18 insp 02
I can’t wait to get all these books neatly arranged and organized.

wk 18 insp 03
New ironing board and cover! I’ve been using one of those table top ironing boards and it wasn’t cutting it. Hopefully after I get my sewing workspace all set up I’ll share a picture of everything. It’s coming along!

wk 18 insp 04
The flying geese quilt is getting hand quilted. I’m going to record how many hours it takes me to finish this one.

wk 18 insp 05
Bluebird blog
recently introduced me to Kaufmann Mercantile and I signed up for their newsletter (p.s. they automatically e-mail you a $7 credit toward your next order) They have some really amazing goods and I had to order this Cinnamon Cider Syrup. I can’t wait to make pancakes and top them with this goodness!

wk 18 insp 06
Also purchased this awesome Caran D’Ache pen. I’ve mentioned before here how obsessed with note and list-making I am. All I can say is this pen is badass. It writes so well and I love it.

wk 18 insp 07
And I’m OUT.

Have a great week!

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