Week 17 Inspiration

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about moving…but have I mentioned that moving is the worst? All my sewing and kitchen stuff has been packed up and moved to the new house. I’m going a little crazy this week!

wk 17 insp 01
To cope with the stress, this is how we’ve been relaxing. Enjoying the spring weather on the porch – beer in hand.

wk 17 insp 02
Also coping with stress by eating adorable petit fours.

wk 17 insp 03
Little fluffy paw.

wk 17 insp 04
Bella is one of the therapy dogs that’s sometimes at my office. She’s now on the cover of this Nulo dog food can! What a celebrity. (Bonus – cute cowboy boots!)

wk 17 insp 05
Speaking of my office…I took a different set of stairs out of the building than usual, and found myself in this long weird hallway that used to be part of the parking garage. I just want to decorate those plain white walls.

wk 17 insp 06
One fine example of a decorated wall: a bar downtown had this amazing wallpaper. Don’t judge the bathroom photo quality.

Have a great week, guys!

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