Week 16 Inspiration

This week we are smack in the middle of moving. Having various stuff piled everywhere in both houses stresses me out a little. But once we are all done it will be worth it.

green counter stools
These stools have been on my wishlist for a long time, and I’m so glad we got them in this cheery green color.

old book box
Old book box. One of my relatives wrote the Boris Borborygmus book. The sad guy on the cover (and the book itself) is strange, and I dig it.

church cookbook collection
Cookbooks before they go in their box. I’ve got a collection going of church and family cookbooks. Some of the recipes in here are magical, and some seem a little crazy. I love it.

haywood and the broken dishes quilt
The pup had me nervous this week. He had some blood tests come back with elevated liver enzymes. After a month of pills, nothing had changed in the levels, so we took him in for an ultrasound. Glad to report that everything is looking alright, and the vet didn’t find any major issues, just some slight inflammation. He should be ok. Whew!

circo hermanos vazquez
This crazy circus tent caught my eye.

Sam and Maisy guitars
Sam and Maisy are guitar heros! I loved hanging out with our friends Aaron and Jessica and their cute kiddos recently.

fuzzy green fruit
These fuzzy green fruits on my tree are making me happy.

This weekend I’m looking forward to working on my latest quilt, and sharing a teeny tiny quilting project with you! Look for it on Sunday.



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