Week 15 Inspiration

Week 15 has been fantastic. I got to spend time with friends this weekend, and Monday was my birthday! That night John and I went to grab dinner at Contigo, and while we were there a crazy thunderstorm hit. The wind was blowing like crazy and it was pouring rain…but it was secretly kind of fun to be under the patio at that moment.

Here are some of the more lovely moments from my week. And as always, you can see past Weekly Inspiration posts here.

key lime whoopie pies
I made these key lime whoopie pies this weekend for a get together. They were a HIT.

playing settlers of catan
A few of the people of said get together.

settlers of catan pieces
I know it seems like we play a lot of Settlers of Catan. That’s because we do – NO SHAME!

Ice Cream Machine Legos
John and I continued our new birthday tradition (posted in Week 4) of Lego-building. Building Legos just never gets old! I picked out this Ice Cream machine and the Cloud Cuckoo Palace from the Lego Movie sets.

colorful quiet moment
A colorful quiet moment.

vintage seed packets
I found these seed packets in the storage closet at the new house.

1988 seed packets
The seeds are from 1988, what the heck?! I think I might plant ’em.

babylock free-motion quilting foot
Today I was able to get the sewing machine foot I was needing for free-motion quilting. I had to go to 3 different stores, but I finally got it!

babylock feed dogs removed
I even figured out how to remove the feed dogs on my sewing machine, after a lot of confusion. Some machines allow you to simply lower the feeds dogs, but mine was a bit trickier.

free-motion quilting practice
Crappy practice “L.” It’s pretty bad…but I guess it could be worse?

Of course I’ll do some real practicing with more layers of fabric, and I can’t wait to share my free-motion progress here. Until then, hope you all have a lovely rest of your week!

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