Week 14 Inspiration

Heyyy April! I can’t help feeling extra excited about this week with the lovely weather we’ve been having in Austin. Also looking forward to fun plans this weekend. Here’s to Week 14 of 2014!

Aerial advertising
This type of advertising seems a little excessive, right?

jungle of a backyard
I’ll miss this jungle of a backyard when we move in a couple weeks.

Ham enjoying the backyard
Hamilton will miss the yard, too. He’s not allowed to venture outside at the new place until we get a proper fence put up.

watercolor pet art
The current art above my desk – quick watercolors I did of my sweet animals.

Austin bookclub
Some of my bookclub lady friends. In March, we tried reading Gravity’s Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon. We failed. On to the next (hopefully easier) book!

sad fiddle leaf fig
This is what I get for neglecting my fiddle leaf fig – it’s not doing well and I feel like a terrible plant parent. I’m going to try my best to bring it back from it’s current withered state!

Michi Ramen
Takeout from Michi Ramen. It’s the best, and this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Gene Stratton Porter & Elephant bookends
My little Gene Stratton-Porter book collection and the awesome gold elephant bookends made by our wonderful friends Aaron and Jessica.

Wish me luck this week as we start packing things to move! Currently, I’ve moved all of two chairs over to the new house. (And even that was a pain!) Hey, at least now we have somewhere to sit. I’m calling that progress.

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