Our First Home

Our First Home

As I mentioned earlier this week, John and I have officially purchased our first home!

new house

Can you tell I’m excited about the kitchen in the new place?

We will be slowly moving over the next month or so, so we’ll be keeping busy around here in the rental house we currently live in. Today I spent a few hours just organizing things we need to get rid of. It always feels good to simplify a little before you move into a new place.

Anyways, back to the house. I wanted to share the things I’m extra excited about!

Modern orange front door.
This bold orange front door.

Stainless steel open shelving in the kitchen.
The open shelving in the kitchen.

Kitchen storage space
Storage space!

This perfect-for-bubbles bathtub. 

Beautiful open kitchen.
Using this amazing stove and kitchen island. It faces the living room! I can just imagine how awesome it will be to watch Girls and cook a delicious dinner at the same time.

Sunny work corner.
I plan on setting up my sewing and work station in this sunny corner.

Two master closets.
Not one, but TWO master bedroom closets.

Orange nook in the hallway
This funny little orange nook.

Art spotlight.
This art spotlight in the hallway. What am I going to put here?

Also excited about:
Painting walls whatever color I fancy.
Growing flowers and veggies in the backyard.
And soooo many more things.

We have just a couple big things on the to-do list:

  • electrical work
  • privacy fence
  • buy a fridge
  • oh, and move all our stuff in!

We are so excited about the possibilities in our new place. I can’t wait to show more pictures as we get settled in, and then the decorating can begin! My favorite part 🙂

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