Week 10 Inspiration

Week 10 went by in a flash. Here are some photos from the past few days. It’s been such a good week!

hamilton on the flying geese quilt
Hamilton has decided to make my new flying geese quilt project his nap-zone.

Playing Settlers of Catan. That hand is reaching for my precious clay cards. Any other fellow Catan-lovers out there?

rainy day with petals on the concrete
Rainy concrete, decorated with lots of little petals.

porch chairs on a nice day
That rainy day was followed by a lovely sunny one.

little czech bakery bag
Making a pit stop at the Czech Stop in West, Texas is suggested when you’re on your way between Austin and DFW on I35 Highway. I just had to grab some kolaches at the Little Czech Bakery. I like the cute little guy on the bag.

pepperoni kolache from the czech stop
Pepperoni! According to their website, they’ll ship pastries right to your door.

On Sunday I’m excited to be sharing a tutorial on the easy way to make flying geese quilt blocks, so stay tuned!

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