Getting my Recipes Organized

Last month I mentioned we were in the midst of Frugal February at our house. Frugal February is 28 days dedicated to eating in as much as possible to save money and work on my home-cooked meals.

Sometimes when I’m deciding what to cook for the week, I feel a little overwhelmed with choices. I tend to bookmark lots of recipes on Pinterest, and I read a lot of food blogs. I have a TON of recipes saved on my computer to try out. All these recipes everywhere started to stress me out, so I decided to get them organized!

easy menu planning

My goal is to have my tried-and-true recipes printed out and neatly sorted in a binder so they’ll be easier to reference, thus making it easier to menu plan for the week. More order = less stress.

old recipe notebook

Before the binder, there was lots of quick scribbling into my cooking notebook right before I was going to make something. It’s hard to read, and just plain messy! I knew it was time for the notebook to go when I couldn’t understand my hasty recipes the second time I tried to make something.

new fancy recipe binder

Enter this purple beauty. Page protectors – check. Colorful Post-it tabs – check. Neatly typed recipes – check.  When I’m ready to cook something from the binder, I’ll take that page out and have it handy next to my prep area. The page protector keeps things from getting messy and stained, and can easily be wiped down.

recipe with page protector

The only rule – recipes only make it into the binder if they pass the “delicious test.” Either John or I  (but preferably both of us!) have to declare said food “delicious” while we’re eating in order for it to make it into the permanent rotation. If we don’t like it, I delete the recipe from my computer.

cookbooks and recipes

Of course I’ll still reference my favorite cookbooks too, but it’s good to have some of my recipes from online and printed and handy. So far my system is working nicely, and I’m enjoying flipping through the binder when it’s time to make my weekly grocery list!

2 thoughts on “Getting my Recipes Organized

  1. Hello sweet niece. I have a wonderful recipe for Mongolean Beef if you desire. Inexpensive and delicious. Let me know…sounds like you have a bunch to try. Have a great week.


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