Week 9 Inspiration

My latest project is coming right along! I’m super excited to share progress photos.

flying geese laura ward
I’m making my first flying geese quilt and using up some of my fabric stash, including a little bit of vintage fabric I got from my granny. I love it so far! It’s going to match my modern heart pillow perfectly.

cat on top of quilt pieces
There is always a cat laying on top of what I need to be working on.

girl scout cookies
Sewing breaks to eat cookies. Remember being our Girl Scout troop leader, mom?

Saw this little petal on the porch, then looked up and saw the tree was blooming!

blooms in february
So pretty.

misheard chingy lyrics
Our friend Aaron made this for John. It’s a ridiculous misheard song lyric they’ve joked about for years. I love it.

tree in art notebooks
The two cutest notebooks there ever were. Got them from this awesome shop called Take Heart over the weekend.

tree in art inside of notebook
The notebook pages are dotted, and they’re perfect for drawing patterns!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s photo post. See the rest of this year’s weekly inspiration right here.

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