How To: Make a Yarn Wrapped Pencil Holder

How to make a yarn wrapped pencil holder

If you’re a crafter like me, you probably have some unfinished projects lurking around. For example: I have several abandoned and half-knitted scarves, hidden away in boxes. I’m too ashamed to throw them away.

This scarf is just not my style any more. I think the yarn is sorta pretty, but I’d never wear it! So, I decided to put all that leftover yarn to good use.

sad unfinished scarf

sad unfinished scarf

Let’s make that yarn happy again with some easy yarn-wrapped desk accessories!

Materials needed:
yarn wrapping supplies

  • Empy container – like one for grits or oatmeal
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue gun


1. Make sure your container is free of crumbs! Then, plug in your hot glue gun. When it’s heated and ready, dot some glue on the bottom edge of the container. Place the end of the yarn on the glue, and press into place. Careful not to burn yourself! You can let the glue cool just a bit before pressing the yarn into it. Continue to dot glue a couple inches apart and attach the yarn until you’ve made it around the entire bottom of the container.
dot the glue along the edge
press yarn into glue

3. Continue to wrap the yarn around the container. No need to keep gluing, it will stay put once it’s secure around the bottom! Keep the yarn taught when wrapping. If it’s loose, you’d be able to see all the images on the container.
wrap the yarn
keep on wrapping

4. Once you’ve reached the top, dot glue around the edges to secure the yarn and finish. Cut off the end, and you’re done! Fill it with pencils, or anything you need handy on your desk. I love using mine to store scissors, too.
yarn wrapped pencil holder

I ended up making two – but I’m barely making a dent in my leftover yarn!

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