Week 7 Inspiration

Confession:  I didn’t do a very good job at taking photos this week.

I do still have a few pictures to share though. And they come with a promise that next week will be better!

hotel st cecilia
Walked by this hotel and thought their neon sign was fantastic. Looks like a such lovely place to stay!

pillow piping
Pillow piping up close and personal. This was my first time to put piping on something and I love how it turned out! Find the instructions for my modern heart pillow here.

blue and orange barriers
I like you, stripey barriers.

new nail polish
New nail polish. The bottle claims it turns red in the sunlight? So far, my fingers haven’t seen much sunlight this week, so I can’t say if it works or not yet!

wedding paper ball chains
Decorations from our wedding last May. They hang above our bed. I still love the colors so much.

le chateau des soupirs
Seeing if I can remember any French with one of my favorite used bookstore finds.

My goal for the rest of the week/weekend is to get out of the house with the camera. You and me both are going to get bored to death of this series if all the photos are just things in my home! Wish me luck…

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