Week 6 Inspiration

Whew. I’ve been pretty busy at work lately, so I’m glad to finally be sitting down now and going through my pictures from the week. It’s a good way to relax and look back at the little moments around the house and from the weekend. Makes me happy.

quiet moment
Quiet house in the morning.

winter pale ale
John’s home brew is ready. The Winter IPA is a success!

sleepy ham
Sleepy Ham on his favorite yellow chair. I’m torn on these chairs – see those cracks in the vinyl? Wonder how much $ it would cost to reupholster them. hmm…

Lake House - Lake Travis
I spent Friday and Saturday at Lake Travis for my friend Shannon’s bachelorette party. Isn’t this house awesome? It was so nice and relaxing. And we enjoyed lots of wine. Doubly relaxing.

mystery tree thing
What is this thing? There were tons of them in a tree and they confused me with their weirdness.

boat dock at lake travis
Water in Lake Travis is LOW. This dock made me sad.

haywood car ride
Haywood loves going for car rides. We were on our way to see his best friends.

beagle beagle beagle
Beagle best buds! Non-stop tail-wagging from these three.

scott's bbq brisket
The Super Bowl was boring. This brisket was not. Big thanks to our friend Scott for being the BBQ brisket master.

frugal feb meal planning
Getting my grocery list ready and preparing for my first full week of Frugal February. Every year John and I forgo all dining out (unless it’s for a friend’s birthday or something like that) for the entire month of February to try and save money. It’s always challenging, but I get to try out a lot of new recipes!

Wish us luck with the rest of Frugal February this week, and stay tuned – I’ll be back on Sunday with a fun Valentine’s Day sewing project!

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