Week 5 Inspiration

Happy Wednesday! It’s week 5 of 2014. Can you believe how fast January flew by?

Here are my photos from this week, it’s been a hectic one.

New project fabric
New fabric for a project I’m excited to share with you soon!

baked mini churros
Baked mini churros for breakfast. Delicious recipe from here.

melting ice
The last melting evidence of Austin’s “Snowpocolypse”. Some wintry mix, some icy roads, and the whole city pretty much shut down last Friday. Then the same thing happened yesterday. We don’t handle winter weather so well here. I liked these 8 Horrifying Photos of Austin’s Snow Day.

stacked books
Had to make some room on the bookshelf for our finished legos from last week… I should probably donate some of these – hope the next owners don’t mind books with the cover torn off. The one one the top of the stack also got chewed up by my college roommate’s rabbit. Oops.

peeling chickpeas
Did you know that peeling the skin off chickpeas will make your hummus reallllly smooth? Did you know that peeling the skin off chickpeas will make you feel like a crazy person for spending so much time doing something like that just to make hummus? I first learned about this from Deb of Smitten Kitchen. Recently, Joy the Baker reminded me. I peeled half the chickpeas and then called it a day. It was mostly really smooth, mostly really good homemade hummus.

hummus ingredients
Go here for the recipe. (This is one of my favorite food blogs!)

coffee fabric
This coffee bean fabric came from my grandma’s house. I’ll have to ask her where it came from, and tell her it’s got a nice new home in my laundry room. Thanks, Granny!

And thanks to you for sticking around for my latest weekly photo post. Just click on the Weekly Photo tab at the top of the page to see Weeks 1 through 4. Have a good one!

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