Broken Dishes Quilt – Binding and the Finished Quilt

Let me just start this post with an excited squeal of joy. I finished the Broken Dishes quilt after a year of slow, slow, progress. But hey, I planned a wedding this year! So it’s a little less embarrassing that it took this long.

Here's the finished quilt!

Here’s the finished quilt!

In case you missed the earlier posts on my first hand quilted project, here they are in order:

Part One – Deciding on a design and buying fabric

Part Two – Cutting the triangles

Part Three – Piecing the Top

Part Four – Basting the Quilt Layers

Part Five – Hand-Quilting

Today I wanted to share some quick photos and instructions on adding the binding to finish the quilt. There are so many fantastic binding tutorials online – like here, here, and here – but I wanted to show the method I used for the first few steps.

I finished quilting. Now what?

After the entire top is quilted, trim the extra batting and backing fabric off the edges with a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and quilting ruler.

cut the excess off the outside of the quilt

Now it’s ready to add binding.

How much binding do I need?

  1. Measure the length and width of the quilt and do some math to determine how much fabric you’ll need for the binding.
    Here’s the formula to use:  length + length + width + width + 10 inches extra.
    For example, mine was 59 + 59 + 43 + 43 + 10 = 216.
  2. Then, divide this number by the width of the fabric you are using (standard fabric widths are 36, 45, and 60).
    My fabric was 45 inches wide, so I divided 216 (the number we just calculated) by 45 = 4.8
  3. Round this number up.
    4.8 is now 5.
  4. Now I know I need 5 strips of binding to make it all the way around the quilt.

Get the binding strips ready to sew onto the quilt.

I cut my binding strips 2 ½ inches wide in order to make a ¼ inch border around the quilt when finished.

cut binding strips

Cut off the selvage edges.

cut off the selvage

Place two strips of binding, right sides together, at a 90 degree angle. (You can’t tell which side is which in these photos because my fabric was a solid, and thus looks the same on both sides.)

fold and pin binding strips

Take the piece on top and fold the corner down. Finger press, unfold, and pin the two pieces together.

sew and cut off extra

Sew right across the line you made, and cut off the extra flap.

quilt binding

Unfold, and voila!

Continue attaching all the strips you cut until you have one long piece of binding. Take it over to the ironing board, and iron in half, wrong sides together.

Now you’re ready to sew the binding onto your quilt!

Here is “The Ultimate Quilt Binding Tutorial” video from Missouri Star Quilt Company that shows the binding being sewn onto the front of the quilt,  how to get those perfect mitered corners, and how to hand stitch the binding down to the back. I think this video shows this process really well – I found it to be a little too difficult to try and take photos during this part! (Start at 5:10 to pick up where I left off after sewing the strips together.)

The last step of hand-sewing the back of the binding on was really relaxing, and I was almost disappointed when i was finished. But not TOO disappointed, because I’m done, I’m done, I’m done! And I’m so happy. I hope you enjoyed following along with me on my first hand-quilted adventure.

quilt front and back

Onward to the next project!

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