The All Day Bachelorette Party

I know I showed a little preview of my bachelorette party in this post, but I wanted to share even more details!

Special thank you to my gal pals Charly and Ashley for taking my idea of “let’s go drink wine!” and planning an entire day of fun.

The Brunch

Brunch Food

We kicked off the day with snacks and cocktails

Brunch Drinks
While we ate, the girls surprised me by showing me a video of John! They were sneaky, and earlier in the week, they recorded him answering some fun questions about our relationship. First they video-ed me while I answered a question, then they would play John’s video of him being asked the same. I got to open a gift each time we both answered with the same response. We did pretty good!  Here’s a funny one:

The Wine

After brunch, we headed to Fredericksburg, TX for some wine tastings! Everyone wore big pins with John’s face on them.

gretchen with pin

This was so hilarious to me. Gretchen shows off her John pin.

bachelorette group inside

We sampled wine. And then sampled even MORE wine.

bachelorette group outside

Maybe a little too much wine?

Don’t worry though, we didn’t drive! Limos of Austin picked us up, drove us out to Fredericksburg, and took us to 3 different vineyards. Our driver Val was excellent, and I would highly recommend them.

We visited these 3 vineyards:
>> Mendelbaum
>> Four Point Wine
>> Messina Hof

The Games

Throughout the afternoon we played a fun game where we took turns drawing “Drink If” commands from a mason jar we brought along. Some examples were: Drink if someone congratulates the bride, Drink if you have a tattoo, and so on. This was SO fun, and we kept drawing out of the jar all night. When we returned to Austin for a little break after the wine tours, we played another fun game – Bachelorette Scattergories!

Bachelorette Scattegories
>> You can purchase your own customized version of these games at Charly’s Etsy Page, Pulp Paper Goods.

Finally, we headed to Contigo for dinner, and Weather Up for “fancy cocktails.” It started pouring rain on us, but that didn’t stop us from moving under the porch and playing Catch Phrase until the wee hours of the night! By that I mean I was in bed by 11pm.

I’m so very thankful for my gal pals who were there to celebrate my last hurrah as a single lady!

Bonus – the pin has turned into a magnet for the fridge!

bachelorette magnet

It’s a conversation starter…


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