Brush your teeth in style

Christmas happened!

Now, time to get back to regularly scheduled programming.

But first, let’s talk about this awesome gift that my Dad gave me this year. My mom was browsing my Pinterest page, and saw that I had pinned this toothbrush holder.  She said to my dad, “you can make that!” And so he did. And that’s why my parents are the best.

anthro vs handmade

tb holder bottom

My dad cut this from a piece of mesquite, and spent many hours sanding it and making it perfect.  I love it!

A beautiful toothbrush holder deserves to be filled with beautiful toothbrushes, don’t you think?  Here are some of my favorites I found around the web.

toothbrush collage

one. two. three. four. five.

Hooray for pretty bathroom accessories!  Which of the toothbrushes is your favorite?  I’m leaning towards #4, so much more fun than my boring old toothbrush now.

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