Austin Eats: Kim Phung

If you’re in Austin and love a bowl of pho as much as me, you’re IN LUCK.

It’s Pho night at Kim Phung – 7601 North Lamar.  $5 bowls from 6-9pm every Wednesday night. YUM!

I’m a fan of the Tai Nam (steak and brisket)

The shrimp spring rolls are awesome. Crunchy veggies, fresh shrimp, plus that sauce = delicious.

On another day, try the Sesame Chicken. It’s good…but you should probably get that $5 Pho. Just sayin’.

Finally, the wonton soup. I have to mention this soup is very hit or miss. One day it was the most incredible soup I’d ever tasted, the next time, it was pretty terrible. So, soup at your own risk, okay?

And that’s that. Kim Phung – Wednesday night – always a good choice.


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