Broken Dishes Quilt: Piecing the Top

Did it! Finished the quilt top. Here it is in all its colorful, triangley goodness:

Let’s go over piecing. We left off here, with all the triangles of fabric ready to be sewn.

Grab a dark triangle and a light triangle and place them on top of each other. Use your sewing machine and sew those babies together down one of the short sides.

This is the perfect time to chain piece – there’s no need to stop after each triangle and cut the thread. Just keep feeding the triangles through, and cut them apart later.  (this saves time and helps save thread, too!) Use your fingers to guide the fabric through the sewing machine, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Use pins if you want – I didn’t on this step, but you certainly can if you like. Repeat until all the triangles are finished.  For more info about chain piecing, watch this video on Youtube. Marguerita knows what she’s talking about, y’all.

Now you have a pile of triangles sewn together and ready to be pressed. Place the fabric on your ironing board with the seam facing up, and use your iron to gently press the seam toward the darker fabric.

Next, get out your stash of pins, because you’ll need them.  Grab two of the pressed pieces and match them up with each other. The seams should be facing the opposite way, and will fit nicely together when you hold them together with your fingers.  Pin that thing right in the middle!

Sew down the long side of the piece, again using a 1/4 inch seam and chain piecing.  Repeat with the remainder of the pieces, then get out your iron again and press the seam to one side – this time it doesn’t really matter which way.

Now you’ll have a bunch of square blocks, and can have fun moving them around to create your final design. I did just 4 blocks at a time and sewed them together, forming half of one row.  I wanted the design to be pretty random, so I didn’t really stress out about colors being in a perfect repeating pattern or anything. When sewing, use those pins, and make sure the seams match up!

When you have a good number of half rows done, arrange them how you like, and begin sewing the rows together. I’ll stress it one more time – match seams! use pins!

Take a break – Have some coffee & instagram. (follow me!)

My finished quilt top was 8 blocks wide, 11 blocks long. The dimensions are 44 inches by 60 1/2 inches, so I’ll be using this twin-sized batting. Since this is only my second attempt at quilting, I’m not quite ready to attempt queen-sized.  I don’t have a twin bed, so I’m making this primarily for couch-snuggling, thus the unusual size.  The quilt can easily be adjusted by adding more or less blocks.

Oh, and when you’re done, feel free to wrap yourself in your halfway finished quilt and pretend like it’s a dress.  That’s just a natural thing you’ll want to do. Embrace your weirdness.

Next time we’ll get started basting all the layers of the quilt together. Stay tuned.

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