New pattern + A visit to The Quilt Store

Now that I’ve got my quilt inspiration,  it’s pattern time!  I’ve decided my next quilt will be similar to the broken dishes quilt on The Purl Bee.  It’s a simple design, which should be relatively easy for a beginner like myself.  Triangles aren’t so scary, right?

broken dishes pattern
I drew out my pattern.

Now, time to think about fabric!  I headed to The Quilt Store here in Austin.  It’s tucked away in a little shopping center on Anderson Lane.

UPDATE: The Quilt Store has sadly closed up shop after 30 years in business.

The Quilt Store, Austin TX
Sometimes you need a little more selection than Hobby Lobby, and anywhere that advertises they have 5,000 bolts of fabric catches my eye.

quilt store selection
So much to look at!  I’m glad I took the time to poke around, as I finally found some shot cotton solids tucked away in the back room of the store.  I chose a couple of colors from the Kaffe Fassett line, and took a picture of the label on a bolt so that I could search around online for even more colors.  So glad I did, because I found all the colors in that line HERE.  I chose my favorites, and put them together to make sure I liked the way they looked together:

kaffe fassett colors

I bought 1/4 yard each of the dark fabrics, and 3/4 yards each of the light, to make a twin-sized quilt.  I bought the fabric from  I haven’t decided which colors I will use for the border and back of the quilt, so that will have to wait for now!  I’d like to get my fabric in the mail, see which I like the most, and go from there.

fabric and stork scissors
Here are a couple examples of the Kaffe Fassett fabric I purchased from The Quilt Store:  blue jean, chartreuse, and a neutral not from the same line.

gingher stork scissors
I also picked up a pair of these Gingher stork embroidery scissors, for all my thread-cutting needs.  I couldn’t resist, they are fabulous! Plus, they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. Niiiiice.

More to come soon on quilt #2’s progress!  I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my beautiful fabrics.

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