Quilt Inspiration

Now that I have completed my very first quilt ever, I’m getting the itch to make another.  One that I can keep at home and snuggle up with on the sofa with a cat, a cup of coffee, and a book.  I can’t help it, it’s quilt season, ya’ll.

First, I need a little inspiration to get me going.

Here are some lovely quilts I’ve stumbled across on the internets.

Quilt by Jessica Ogden – New York TImes

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt, found on The Purl Bee

Now let’s see some quilts I saw in September at the 2012 Capital of Texas Quilt Fest!  Yes, I went to a festival of quilts, and yes, it was awesome.  Over 350 handmade quilts, all different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, you name it.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The Project of Doom, by Jennifer Ofenstein. Harry Potter fandom!

Lost Cavern, by Barb Forrister (<—— visit her site to have your mind blown by quilts)

Symphony of Light – Aurora Borealis, by Janis Chism Keene.  Sparkly!  There are over 1500 crystals on this piece.

Laguna Morning, by Sara Sharp.

Modern Mondrian, by Connie Hudson.

And I had to take a picture of this piece that one of the vendors had hanging up – hand-dyed fabrics make up this iris quilt. My mom loves irises…hi mom!

These were just a teeny tiny sample of the Quilt Fest, put on by the Austin Area Quilt Guild.  It seems like such a great community of quilting souls!  Maybe I’ll see you there next year, with my very own work on display.  I better get started soon.

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