Weekend of Food

When parents are in town, eating out happens.  Here’s where we went this weekend.

BJ’s Brewhouse – 10515 Loop 1
When you go to a chain restaurant that brews their own beer, you’d assume we’d start with a “Brewhouse Blonde” or a “Harvest Hefeweizen” or some other alliterated beverage. We weren’t with beer drinkers so we didn’t go there.  Instead we jumped right in and ordered waters all around and burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth Spinach Artichoke Dip.  We’re simple like that.  What followed was a variety of pretty standard dishes – Parmesan chicken, Pot Roast Sandwich, Jalepeno Burger, Chicken Marsala.  I think next time we’ll stick with the tried and true deep dish pizzas, which consistently kick a lot of ass.  Their other dishes seem a little Cheesecake Factory-esque.

Stick with the deep dish pizzas. Photo from here.

The Frisco – 6801 Burnet Road
I have never had a bad breakfast experience at the Frisco. They have your standard fluffy pancakes, perfectly cooked bacon, eggs any style, crispy hashbrowns, and hot coffee in a big ol’ thick diner mug. I’m happy when I’m eating a breakfast platter and drinking 3 beverages at a time.  Oh and if you get a chance to try the Millionaire Pie, you won’t regret it.

3 drinks at the Frisco

Cranberry juice, coffee, water. Breakfast drink essentials.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen – 7720 Texas 71
I can get behind a restaurant where the food is primarily sourced from Texas.  We headed down south to Jack Allen’s Kitchen Saturday evening to see what it was all about.  We brought our coupon for a free appetizer (sign up for their email newsletter online!), and after a bit of deliberation, we decided on the BLT Sliders.  Not just any B, L, or T, though.  The sliders contained pork belly, micro greens, fried green tomatoes (yes), and pimiento cheese, with a side of spicy slaw.  It was tough to share.  I think I could have eaten 3 more.  For our main dishes, we tried the Pumpkin Seed Pesto Marinated Chicken Breast, Chicken Tinga tacos, Green Chile Pork tacos, and wait for it…the Chicken Fried Beef Rib.  Which you have to see and taste to believe.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alan F. on Yelp remembered to take a picture of his chicken fried beef rib.

Trudy’s – 8820 Burnet Road
Trudy’s North Star location serves a $12 brunch buffet.  There is really no point in ordering off the regular breakfast menu, as every single one of those same dishes lie 20 feet away in the buffet line.  If you are looking to stuff your face full of bacon, brisket hash, creme brulee french toast, chilaquiles, and some queso and enchiladas for good measure, Trudy’s is your place.  You won’t leave feeling like your best self, but at least you’ll be full.

Photo of North Star location from Trudy’s website.

Blue Dahlia Bistro – 1115 East 11th Street
We finished the weekend of food with a light dinner at Blue Dahlia.  It’s a lovely little restaurant with friendly service, excellent food, and $2 Mimosas.  What more can you ask for?  We tried a variety of the tartines, which were simple and delicious.  The soup of the day was great as well – a hearty tomato soup with white beans and spinach.  In fact the soup was so good that I’m attempting to recreate it at home this week.  I’d like to go back and try some of their entrees and salads soon.

Roasted Turkey & Cranberry Chutney Tartine

And thus concludes Weekend of Food #2. See my first Weekend of Food post for more Austin eats.


3 thoughts on “Weekend of Food

  1. I hosted our Book Club at the BJ’s here in CS last night. I laughed when I read your blog post because someone in our group who had never been there before said, “this is a lot like the Cheescake Factory.” Annnndddd…. I had a deep dish pizza. It was delish.

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