Weekend of Food

We didn’t plan on eating out so much this weekend, but that’s what happens when friends are in town! I wanted to document a few of these outings. It will be my Austin Food Diary, of sorts.

Alright here we go, this weekend’s restaurants in review:

Arpeggio Grill – 6619 Airport Blvd.
Started out with a fantastic falafel and hummus appetizer.  I highly recommend this – super crunchy falafel and really flavorful hummus.  I had already eaten dinner before we came…but I had “2nd dinner” because I can’t help myself when it comes to all things chickpea and/or pita bread related.  Don’t judge.  We enjoyed the gyro plate, chicken kabob sandwich, and koufta kabob sandwich.  Arpeggio has lots of seating options, and even floor seating in one section, if you want to get really into it.   Not quite sure what’s happening with their outdoor patio.  One bit of warning, expect to wait awhile for your food to come out. A sign on the table said that wait times can be 20-30 minutes, and they encourage you to call in an order before you come in to eat.  That’s great…if you are aware of this ahead of time and aren’t planning on being at a movie at a certain time. Successful food outing, nonetheless.

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek – 13729 Research Blvd.
Have never had a bad experience at an Alamo theater.  Consistently attentive and friendly waiters.  Since I had just had 2nd dinner…I couldn’t bring myself to order the fresh chocolate chip cookies on the menu as originally planned.  No Guinness milkshake either.  One Franziskaner draft beer was plenty for me. Oh yeah, and Lawless was pretty good, too. It had its gruesome moments, but I enjoyed it.

Cinnamon’s Bakery – 6406 N Interstate Highway 35 #2475
Our first thought for Saturday morning breakfast was diner food.  A last minute Cinnamon’s suggestion was thrown out though, and we gladly headed over for bacon egg and cheese croissant breakfast sandwiches and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.  The French chef & owner is super friendly and even gave me a kickass chocolate truffle on the house last time I was there, because he said “it’s the chef’s birthday.”  Lucky me!  The chef wasn’t in for this visit, but we enjoyed our sandwiches, coffee, and huge cinnamon roll all the same.  I also couldn’t help bringing home some macarons.  Raspberry was the only flavor available this time around, and it was perfect.  I have previously had the Lemon and Espresso flavors as well, which are equally as delicious.

Raspberry macarons from Cinnamon’s

 – 801 South Lamar Blvd.
This Uchi trip has been in the works for about a month now.  We finally set a date with some friends and made it happen, and I’m so glad we did.  It was my first time to eat here, but I have been looking forward to eating at Uchi since I moved to Austin in 2009!  We planned to take advantage of their Sake Social Hour, from 5:00-6:30 daily, when a menu of discounted items are available.  We showed up to the restaurant at 4:45 to be sure to get a seat.  That’s dedication!  What followed was plate after plate after plate of amazing and unique dishes.  I don’t even need to describe them…it’s old news that Uchi has got it goin’ on.  Walu Walu, friends. Walu Walu.

Walu Walu, photo by Ginny’s Austin

 – 2032 South Lamar Blvd.
You’d think eating ice cream immediately after stuffing your face full of raw fish at Uchi would be a bad idea.  And you’d be wrong.  After taste testing a few different flavors first, the 4 of us decided on:  Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Sweet Persimmons and Sage, Spicy Coconut & Peanut (cayenne pepper was involved), and Caramel Salt Lick.  Some of those combos may sound a little strange for ice cream flavors, but they were damn good.  Good job, Lick.  Visit their facebook page for what looks like a frequently updated menu of flavors.

Caramel Salt Lick ice cream

Hope your weekend was relaxing and delicious as well!


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